Hey Meditation Masters!

Okay, maybe you’re not a master yet, but neither am I! Meditation is just like yoga, it’s a practice. Each minute of stillness you spend meditating, you are become that much better at calming and focusing your mind. So many people I talk to say, “Meditation? Oh, no that’s not for me. There’s no way I’d be able to do that.” My response is this, why? Why can’t you train your mind to focus on your inner stillness for even 3-5 minutes a day? And, wouldn’t you want to?

Here’s the problem, our brain is constantly being stimulated by everything going on around us, which is further enhanced by social media and technologies of modern day. If we can train our brain to tune those things out for even just a few minutes a day, we can train our brain to do a lot more than we do not even realize we are capable of. Meditations can be used to help us visualize the success we wish to see in our lives. Imagine visualizing and meditating on your own goals and dreams and how that could help you in actually accomplishing them!

I began meditating only about six months ago, but I can tell that I am getting better at it every time I practice! It’s just like anything else. Meditations can be used in the morning to start your day, in the middle of the day to take a break from whatever you’re doing, or in the evening before bed. Truthfully, meditation can be done anywhere at any time by anyone! I encourage you to give these meditations a try, for even 5 minutes a day, for one week. See if you notice any difference in your ability to focus and also how it spills over into creating a sense of calm in the rest of your life.

I wrote these meditations myself, so I truly hope you enjoy them! Leave a comment in the comment box below the meditation and let me know your thoughts!