Balance. Mind. Body. Soul.

Balance our sole purpose here at Zen and Pow Studio. We seek to offer you balance in all areas of your life–fitness, yoga, meditation, mindfulness, nutrition, personal development, a sense of community, and most importantly, time for you to discover who you truly are on and off the mat. We are more than just a fitness and yoga studio, we are a positive community of like-minded and supportive individuals all on our own path to uncovering our most authentic self. We are a tribe of good vibes. We welcome all levels from beginner to novice and meet you wherever you are on your health and wellness journey. Whatever your goals, we have something to offer every individual that steps in our studio. Come see for yourself what Zen and Pow Studio is all about. Our goal is to¬†help you create balance–mind, body, and soul–so that you can live a happy and healthy life.

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